Entering Scores into our Handicap System

Feb. 16, 2021

Country Meadows Senior Men’s Golf Club

Entering Scores into our Handicap System

As you know, we have postponed the start of our season due to the pandemic. Many of you may want to start golfing before our club officially restarts, so we have now enabled our handicap system to allow you to enter your own scores into the handicap system in our website.

The instructions are as follows.

  1.  Open your computer to,  https://countrymeadowsseniormensgolf.com/
  2.  Click on ‘Handicap’
  3.  In club ID box, type, cmsmgc , then click on go
  4.  Type your three digit ID into the Search Box.  (this will open your personal handicap page)
  5.  Scroll to the bottom of your handicap page and you will see the score entering section.
  6.  Enter the number 12345, into the password box.
  7.  Click on the holebyhole box and the scorecard will appear. 
  8.  Enter the score for each hole that you played.
  9.  After filling in the scores for each hole, the total score will be shown.
  10.  Please be sure that the total matches your own scorecard.
  11.  If the total is incorrect you can correct the score in any hole by placing the curser behind the score you entered, then backspace, and then enter the correct score.
  12.  When your scorecard is finished click on the Submit box
  13.  Your score will now be shown on the first line of your handicap page,
  14.  This handicap system is only applicable for games played at the “Country Meadows Golf Course”

Wayne Eklof

CMSMGC Handicapper