Captains Report


This is a reminder that members are required to check-in with the Club Starter at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled Tee time.

As well, after checking-in with the Club Starter, members should check-in with the Course Starter (currently Brian) to confirm if Tee-offs are on time and that you are present, then be at the first Tee box and ready to play at least 10 minutes before your Tee time. If necessary, the Starters at their discretion, will reschedule late comers to the next available Tee-time.

At present, the Course Starter is having to spend too much time “tracking down” members who should at the Tee and ready to play. We are asking the Course Starter to do double duty and act as Marshal on the course as well, consequently he may not always be at the first Tee to move the next group up

Acordingly, members need to take the initiative to be on time and ready to play. Your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated.

Chuck Dunn, Club Captain