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From Captain Harvey King

From Captain Harvey King


Well, it has certainly been an interesting year so far! I hope that you and all of your families are coping successfully through this Covid-19 crisis.

As you all know, the Club was forced to suspend all activities for 2020. We were able to arrange a block of tee times on Wednesdays from 7:00am to 10:30 am at Country Meadows and that has worked out quite well. Around 70-80 members are golfing weekly, making up their own foursomes, of course, as it is not actually a Club event.

During the year your Executive has had a Resumption of Play committee monitoring the Covid-19 situation on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the progress of the pandemic has not allowed us to seriously consider resuming regular Club play this year with acceptable risk to the members.

The Committee has, however, put together a Restart Plan for 2021 and I wish to share it with you now.

Annual Dues

Regular dues will be waived for all current active and associate members for 2021. We will have sufficient funds left from the 2020 budget and reserves to run golf activities. It appears likely that there will continue to be reduced social activity in 2021.
This means that the only requirement for your membership to be renewed for the 2021 season will be to sign and return the attached Membership Renewal form after reading and agreeing to the Privacy Policy, also attached, (to meet B.C. privacy Act regulations) by October 31st together with your $30.00 cheque for 2021 KPs (explained below under Toonie Pot).

The first year dues for new members will remain at $145.00.

Restart Plan – 2021

Opening day will be March 3rd and the last day will be October 13th.
There will not be a Starters table due to Covid-19 concerns. Registration for the next 2 weeks will be done through the Club’s website. We are getting software to do the job and directions on how to register for the next 2 weeks will be developed and sent to you all during the off-season.
As he did in past years the Scheduler will post foursomes on the website. There will be no change in this process.
Play will be based on random draws as in the past.
The 14 game minimum rule will be reinstated. As in previous years, it can be waived for medical reasons by sending a written submission to the Club Secretary.
Handicaps – The Card Captain will keep and validate the scores for the foursome members and will enter them into the handicap program from their home computer. Directions on how to enter the scores will be developed and forwarded to all members by the Handicapper before the season starts. Individual members can check their scores for accuracy, of course, and can contact the Handicapper to make corrections if necessary. The Club computer will not be used to lessen Covid-19 risk.
Toonie Pot – KPs and low net and low gross payouts will be re-instated. As noted above, a $30 KP fee will be levied at the time of membership renewal and its receipt will be a condition of membership renewal for active members. The $30 will cover at least 15 games. This method is being used so that we can reduce the Covid-19 risk of handling upwards of 100-120 toonies and pieces of paper. Distribution of winnings will be made through the Pro Shop. Details will be sent to you later.
Hole-in-one Celebrations – At this time beverage/food vouchers are not accepted by the Golf Course due to Covid-19 physical distancing restrictions. Accordingly, hole-in-one celebrations will be delayed until conditions allow.
Tournaments – Four-ball, Lawson Match play, etc. will be carried out as usual. There will be no Texas Scrambles.
There will be no social events unless Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed and they are allowed.
Sand Traps – While rakes are not available, the Club rule will be lift , smooth (with foot or club) and place. Otherwise, we will rely on the Rules of Golf which allow dropping in the bunker for a one stroke penalty or dropping outside and behind the bunker for a 2 stroke penalty.
All putts must be putted out – no gimmees or takies.

Gentlemen, I know that this a lot to absorb but it is our plan for Club Play for next year.

Now, we recognize that our Restart in 2021 is 5 months away and our Pandemic world may change dramatically before then. If we have to consider changes because of unexpected circumstances we will, but we do feel that for the Club’s sake, and the Member’s sake, we have to put a plan in place now so that we are ready to go on March 3rd next year.

In the next week or so you will be contacted by your Buddy in the Executive to answer any questions and ensure that you all understand the Plan.

Gentlemen, you may leave your cheque and renewal ( in an envelop, please) with the Pro Shop. You may also mail them to the address noted below:

Country Senior Men’s Golf Club,
Box 224, 185-9040 Blundell Road,
Richmond, B.C., V6Y 1K3

Harvey King, Club Captain

Membership Renewal Form

Click the "Video" Link for the most recent information from Dr. Sadar

Click the "Video" Link for the most recent information from Dr. Sadar



Thank-You Letter from Doug Parmenter

Thank-You Letter from Doug Parmenter

On behalf of the Charity Committee , we  would like to thank each and every one of you for how you stepped to the plate, in support of the Charity Golf Classic fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Research which was not held on September 7th 2020 due to the Pandemic and Covid 19 .                 

The Charity Committee would like to thank you for your continuing support. Without your help this could not have happened. Not having our Charity Golf Classic it was harder to meet our goal but never the less we moved forward with our fund raising for Prostate Cancer Research . It was a little different doing business by phone instead of making personal calls due to social distancing, but with your support we managed to raise $65,000.00 bringing our total over 20 years to $1.5 Million .

Going forward in 2021, not knowing what is in store regarding Covid 19 we are planning Our Charity Golf Classic for September 10/21 with more details to follow.

Yours very truly

Doug Parmenter
Charity Chairman